Про нас

About us:

The company started its activity in 2000 as one of the most powerful companies in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Subsequently, in 2011, we merged in the group of companies Novyj Dim, where a new round of our development began. Now the company is actively building 2 large residential complexes in the capital's suburbs - in Bucha and Obukhiv cities, as well as an aparthotel in the eco friendly Carpathian resort area in TC Bukovel. And for 19 years in the housing market, we have put into operation hundreds of thousands of square meters in various cities of Ukraine&

    During the years of our operations, we have built not only residential blocks, but also working principles, which we are adhering to:

1. The house must be reliable. We are sure that every stage of construction must be monitored. We use only tested, certified materials for construction, introducing advanced technologies. Novyj Dim erects houses made of natural, environmentally friendly material. Brick, according to the company’s experts, helps to build a warm and reliable housing, which is comfortable to live in. We believe that only professionals should be engaged in construction. That is why we are responsible for the quality of each our building.

2. The house should be located in a comfortable place to live. That is why we have always carefully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of various locations before we start construction. All our housing estates are situated in the locations with well-developed commercial and social infrastructure, as well as transport accessibility. To date, in the new projects, GC Novyjdim focuses on complex block development with its own social infrastructure, taking into account the standards of the European level quality with clear zoning of the complex territory: detached, closed housing area, under guard; sidewalks; children and sports playgrounds with professional equipment, fountain complexes; recreation areas for all residents of the neighbourhood, parking.

3. The apartments must be functional. We are against irrational layouts. The layout of the apartments is carefully thought out to make the living space as comfortable as possible. Recently, Euro-style layout with integrated living room and kitchen - smart apartments; apartments with open terraces and panoramic windows are particularly attractive to the buyers.

    Over the years of operation in the market, the company has implemented dozens of projects, including those of a high level of complexity, and most importantly, we are not satisfied with what has already been achieved.

    All our efforts are aimed at improving the quality of life for our customers in a new home.

    We will build a house and plant trees for you.

    Live in prosperity and harmony!